NETMASTER - Net Sewing Machines offer a net joining solution for all sectors, including Aquaculture, Fishing, Sports, Safety, Industrial and Crop Protection.


NETMASTER - Net Sewing and Joining Machines are designed for both knot-less and knotted netting of all types and sizes and can attach light to heavy rope, braids and tapes.


Safety Netting Sewing Machines

Netmaster are Specialist Manufacturers of Safety Net Sewing and Joining Machines.

Safety and Fall Arrest Netting is an important sector of the construction and maintenance industries. Health and Safety Regulations are Constantly Developing and Improving.  Our Range of Safety Net Production Machinery has been specifically adapted in Order to Meet these Increasing Demands.

Netmaster Offer a Full Range of Safety Net Manufacturing and Sewing Machinery.

Three Thread Machine

Ergonomic Controls

Energy Saving Motors

Active Puller Feed