NETMASTER - Net Sewing Machines offer a net joining solution for all sectors, including Aquaculture, Fishing, Sports, Safety, Industrial and Crop Protection.


NETMASTER - Net Sewing and Joining Machines are designed for both knot-less and knotted netting of all types and sizes and can attach light to heavy rope, braids and tapes.

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Netmaster Clipping Guns

Net Clipping Guns

Netmaster clipping guns are lightweight and portable. When combined with our belt attached portable air cylinder, you can carry the machine directly to the material.

Our clipping guns are available in various models and sizes. Each model uses a C-ring clip, which are available from a clip closure size of 1.6 – 10.7mm and a clip mouth of 6.5 – 25mm. This ensures a secure tight clipping of a wide range of netting and rope attachment.


Clip image

Clips are available in
Steel & Stainless steel
Pointed & Blunt tips

Clipping Gun

Weight 1.5 kgs

Loading capacity 100

Working Presssure 5-7 bar /90-105 psi

Closure size 1.6mm - 10mm

Clipping Guns

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