NETMASTER - Net Sewing Machines offer a net joining solution for all sectors, including Aquaculture, Fishing, Sports, Safety, Industrial and Crop Protection.


NETMASTER - Net Sewing and Joining Machines are designed for both knot-less and knotted netting of all types and sizes and can attach light to heavy rope, braids and tapes.

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Netmaster HD-S

Net Sewing Machine

The Netmaster HD-S Net Sewing Machine is designed to meet the demand for sewing light to heavy duty nets, ropes and braids.

The HD-S Net Sewing Machine is suitable for edging and joining knotted and knot-less netting of light and heavy construction, and can easily attach rope up to 20mm by either sewing through or around the rope.
The HD-S is used for, but not limited to the sewing / manufacture of Sports Nets including Ball stop, Cricket, Football, Golf, Tennis and Archery. (Safety) Fall Arrest, Overhead, Adventure Parks, Rope Courses, Play Areas, Brick & Debris Containment and Line Crossing. (Industrial) Pallet Rack, Skip & Lorry Waste Containment, Lifting and Anti-Litter Nets.
The Netmaster HD-S is highly versatile, and can join and edge all types of Sports and Safety Netting. And can Insert or Attach light braid and filler cord up to heavy ropes. Including plastic / material tape inserts and metered bungee / elastic cords.

Netmaster HD-S

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Netmaster HD-S

Edging Types


Insert Cord & Tape

Insert Filler Cord

Insert Tape


3 thread heavy duty sewing head

Stitch length 1-20mm

Max Seam width 25mm

Needles 250-400s

Max sewing thickness 24mm

Single Phase 50/60Hz Voltage 220-240v

Netmaster HD-S

Key Feature

Active Puller

The HD-S features our powerful ACTIVE puller feed system, which combines driven upper and lower feed rollers, with a single action stitch length adjustment. Our puller system has been developed and designed to eliminate the issues ‘standard’ puller systems found on the market give users. One of the key elements is the Netmaster Active Puller has a fully open design around both the upper and lower rollers. This ensures a very minimal chance of the thread and netting wrapping around, and jamming the roller. In the unlikely event of a jam occurring, each roller can be removed and refitted independently to release the jammed netting. This allows you to be back up and running within minutes, greatly reducing down time and costs.

Netmaster HD-S

Product Features

The Ergonomics and features of the HD-S maximises operator comfort and productivity and with our conveniently located control panel. This makes adjustment of Table height, LED light, Compressor, Presser foot and Puller feed, including stitch length changes all possible without having to leave your sewing position.

Puller Feed
Efka Servo
Needle Up/Down
Knot Deflector
Thread Snag
Presser Foot
Integrated Silent Compressor
Heavy Duty Treated Sewing Components
Heavy Duty Castors
Spares Kit
Spare Needles

Netmaster HD-S

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