NETMASTER - Net Sewing Machines offer a net joining solution for all sectors, including Aquaculture, Fishing, Sports, Safety, Industrial and Crop Protection.


NETMASTER - Net Sewing and Joining Machines are designed for both knot-less and knotted netting of all types and sizes and can attach light to heavy rope, braids and tapes.

About Us

Our History

We are a technological leader and global supplier of Net Sewing Machinery to manufacturers in the following industries, Aquaculture Nets, Fishing Nets, Sports Nets, Safety and Fall Arrest Nets, Industrial and Crop Protection Netting.

Netmaster Net Sewing and Joining machines are designed for both knotless and knotted netting of all types and sizes.

We work very closely with net manufacturers in each sector, helping them grow their market position by innovating, designing and building high quality net sewing machinery that improves production output and product quality.

All Netmaster sewing machines are designed and manufactured in the UK using the highest quality components and are fully tested on our customer’s nets and ropes before shipping.

We have a dedicated team of technicians who are able to custom build machinery to your exact requirement and offer comprehensive technical support including a full range of spare parts, available for immediate despatch.

Netmaster is the leading supplier of Net Sewing Machines…

Our machines are capable of edging with or without cord or tape, net joining, and attaching rope to net either through or around the rope.

Netmaster have a dedicated team of designers and technicians who are able to build machinery to meet your exact requirements.