NETMASTER - Net Sewing Machines offer a net joining solution for all sectors, including Aquaculture, Fishing, Sports, Safety, Industrial and Crop Protection.


NETMASTER - Net Sewing and Joining Machines are designed for both knot-less and knotted netting of all types and sizes and can attach light to heavy rope, braids and tapes.

Aquaculture and Fishing

Aquaculture & Fishing Nets

Netmaster are Specialist Manufacturers of Net Sewing Machines for Joining, Edging and Attaching Ropes for the Aquaculture and Fishing Industries.

The Aquaculture Industry is Constantly Evolving With Ever Increasing Demands on Fish Quality and Production Output. Netmaster Net Sewing Machines are specifically designed for Sewing and Joining Aquaculture Nets and Fishing Nets, Rope Attaching, Net Edging and Joining are all possible with our specialist range of Aquaculture Net Sewing Machines.

Leaders in Aquaculture / Fishing Net Sewing Machinery.

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Knot Deflection Technology

Thread Snag Detector

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